September 2012 [product_page_nopic id=”2380″] This was taken as St. Peter’s square – parents hovering nearby and taking their own photographs and making their own readings and re-readings from the story books. The entire bookend to the Italy trip that allowed me to spend time with my parents was a unique, and awesome, and amazing experience….

The shadows of Colliseum (waiting before a tour). Posed on one of the old rocks. Worry not! I didn’t cause any more damage than 1500 years of taking it apart did 🙂 Otherwise this particular ex-pillar was used as seating. It blows my mind that some things are so eternal. I hope the idea of…

Eames in the basement of Vatican. (Thanks to Dad, for watching my back while I was setting and shooting this. It’s much easier to crawl around the floor of anywhere when you have someone holding the equipment and jackets and making sure no one steps on you!) Vatican City, August 2012.

Usually I keep the miniatures in color – not sure why, as I do love a nice richly texture black and white. The color shot in this highway underpass (possibly to follow one day) didn’t really connect the waves of the underpass with the waves of the chair. I walked here nearly every day while…

Evian, France – a fountain in September 2011 Mini Panton which became the focal point of many water photographs over the next 3 years. [product_page_nopic id=”2436″]

Sunset off my hotel balcony, Lausanne, Switzerland. August 2011. This chair was the first – the first trip – and I was still experimenting and learning where it would go. Who knew that only two-three later I’d have hundreds of photographs? [product_page_nopic id=”2436″]