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Latest 5:

Mezzadro in Chicago O’Hare Airport

Mezzadro in ORD, April 2015

Eames executive in London

A cafe, September 2011

Eames in Switzerland

Train station, October 2011




Small Eames Lounge and Ottoman at Sunset, in Toronto, Canada

Toronto waterfront, September 2011. [product_page_nopic id=”2019″]See the photo

Eames La Chaise in North Ontario, Canada

July 2012, Kawartha lakes, Ontario, Canada. [product_page_nopic id=”2057″]See the photo

Miniature Eames Executive Office Chair in Lausanne, Switzerland

At the main station in in Lausanne. [product_page_nopic id=”2132″]See the photo

Miniature Eames RAR rocker in front of the Colosseum, Rome, Italy

One of my favorites and was the cover of the 2013 calendar. August 2012. [product_page_nopic id=”1829&#See the photo

Miniature Eames DSW and the Empire State Building, New York

June 2012 Famous view, famous chair, the two were meant to be. [product_page_nopic id=”1940″]See the photo

Scottish highlands and mini Eames LCW

July 2013 – on my drive to Isle of Skye, a break in the Scottish highlands. [product_page_nopic id=”2156&#See the photo